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World Teachers' Day 5 October 2015

Celebrating our Teachers across the Globe!!

Register your celebration for World Teachers' Day 2015 and share your plans with others who may wish to participate or promote your event! Submit an event! Send an e-card and find out more about WTD!


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Science and Technology

Nikola Tesla
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin from MIMENSIS on Vimeo.

Great Inventors


Benjamin Franklin flies a kite




Learn Europe - Euroscola


   The European Parliament in a nutshell
·         European Parliament MEPs – a map
·         Information centres about the EU – Europe Direct
Teaching resources for all ages and levels
An educational portal
·         Games and quizzes
·         Network online
·         Celebrate the European Day of Languages
·         European Language Portfolio
·         http://elp.ecml.at/
·         ECML publications
·         Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
·         The European Job Mobility Portal
·         Curriculum Vitae and European Skills Passport

·         Europa diary

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"Is fun enough?" an IATEFL interview with Scott Thornbury

For all of us who are actively involved in project implementation assisted by the use of technology, there is a recurring question: 

How many of these apps promoted as the next absolutely necessary big thing in education and language learning, actually deliver what they promise?

After a good number of years of action, isn’t it time to reflect?

Scott Thornbury addresses this issue and discusses 14 Criteria with reference to second language acquisition (SLA) for assessing the value and effectiveness of different technologies. These criteria relate to the preconditions of language learning, such as comprehensible input, output, practice, interaction, feedback & correction, guidance and scaffolding, affect and motivation.

Scott touches a topic that is usually neglected due to the enthusiasm for whatever new and ‘innovative’. There is an abundance of popular apps that claim that they are effective. However, if we weigh them against these criteria, it turns out “it is not plausible that they actually cause language learning”.

Fun is a whole new chapter when it comes to learner motivation while using technology. More often than not it provides the reason why we choose and use a web tool. Scott wonders and, I believe, we all do: Is fun enough??

Research findings confirm our suspicions. Fun is not necessarily effective and what is effective is not always fun. Therefore we cannot make choices solely based on this criterion.

Ultimately one single technology or tool can never meet all these language learning criteria. One the contrary, good teachers do every single one and can be assisted by technology.

Classroom learning is not compensating for technology but the other way around. And that’s where blended learning and the flipped classroom have actually a lot to offer..

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Mindmaps in the English Language Classroom

Mindmaps (digital or hard copy) are a valuable resource in the EFL classroom which can help
 students accomplish the objectives as described in Bloom's taxonomy.

They can be used at any stage of the lesson, to
  • present a new topic
  • revise previous topics
  • practice
  • production
We can incorporate them in our lesson plans to practice
  • the 4 skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
I am presenting some of my students' productions

1) A mindmap used to revise vocabulary relating to Water (Class D-intermediate) and prepare the students for a writing activity.

Building mindmaps collaboratively 

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Safer Internet 2015 questionnaire

Our 3rd grade students have produced their own questionnaire about teenagers' internet habits.

If you are aged 13-18, answer the questions and contribute to our short research.

The results are here:

Teenagers opinions about the internet safety

Nowadays teenagers spend a lot of their time on the internet. We conducted a research and they told us about their opinion on teenager habits
On the first question the majority 92,9% says that they have internet connection at home and the minoriry the opposite.
On the second question most of the people you asked 90,5% said that they use the internet connection on a daily basis.
On the third question 38 of the 40 who asked said that they have a smartphone.
On the fifth question the 42,9% of the people said that they spend more than 3 hours online.
On the sixth question the 54,8% of the people said that they log in social media more that three hours at day.
On the seventh question the 85,7% of the people said that they like meeting people online.
On the eight question the 92,9% of the people said that they use the internet for information.
On the ninth question the 85,7% of the people said that they use the internet for entertaiment
On the tenth question the 40,5 of the people said that they use the internet for homework.
On the eleventh question the 88,1of the people said that they don't share their password with other people.
On the twelth question the 40,5% of the people said that they haven't been hacked by anyone.
On the thirteenth question 83,8% of the people said that they have never been sexually harrassed online

To sum up, we can understand that the vast majority of teenagers spend a lot of time on the Internet. It is a habit that has “invaded” their life and will be hard to stop.

Petros A. (A1)
Pavlos L. (A1)

42 teenage students answered our questionnaire. The results are visible here. 

 How about using them to produce our own reports to be published on the blog?

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2o Εθνικό Βραβείο Etwinning-Πάτρα 2014

To 2o Εθνικό Βραβείο etwinning για το ΓΕΛ Πεντάπολης

Παραλαμβάνοντας το Βραβείο

Η ομάδα των πρεσβευτών

Εισήγηση στο 1ο Συνέδριο Etwinning

Επιμόρφωση Πρεσβευτών

Επιστημονική Επιτροπή του Συνεδρίου
Την Παρασκευή, 14 Νοεμβρίου 2014, στην Πάτρα και στα πλαίσια του 1ου Συνεδρίου Etwinning έγινε η απονομή των εθνικών βραβείων etwinning για τα πλέον ποιοτικά έργα ανά ηλικιακή κατηγορία.

Για δεύτερη φορά, μετά το 2ο Πανερωπαϊκό Βραβείο στις Βρυξέλλες τον Απρίλιο του 2014, το έργο που υλοποιήθηκε και συντονίστηκε από την εκπαιδευτικό και πρεσβευτή etwinning Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας, Θεοδώρα Γκένιου, σε συνεργασία με τις καλές συναδέλφους Claudine Coatanea (FR), Michelle Thick (UK) και Paola Cascione (IT) έλαβε την ιδιαίτερα σημαντική και τιμητική αυτή αναγνώριση από την ΕΥΥ, για την ποιότητα του σχεδιασμού του και την συμμετοχή των μαθητών.

Με χαρά και περηφάνεια συνεχίζουμε το ταξίδι μας στο etwinning και τη φετινή σχολική χρονιά με νέες συνεργασίες και πάντα με γνώμονα τις επιθυμίες και τις ανάγκες των εφήβων μαθητών του σχολείου μας.

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Are you a nature lover?

The following questionnaire was produced by B class students, so as to conduct a short survey about their classmates' habits regarding their awareness with respect to environmental issues.

Are you a nature lover? from doragk

Describe the survey on this Titanpad https://titanpad.com/sExnGX2ICj

Travelling with Class B

Our coursebook module "Being a traveller" sparked a discussion about places we have been to, experiences we have had.

Here is a collection of souvenirs by our students.

My favourite film

One more mini project by the A class students, following the module of our coursebook referring to "Being a Movie Buff".

The goal was
to raise student's schemata and motivate them;
to read for specific information,  choosing from content available in the web;
to develop oral presentation skills;


Friends in Literature

The students of class A (2014-2015) have produced these presentations, talking about famous

friends in literature, films and comics to supplemement the coursebok module "Being a friend".

The presentations were delivered in class and some of them were exhibited as a poster.